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Welcome to Dowdales School; we hope you find all of the information you need when looking for a new school. Whether your child is in Year 5 and 6 and looking to take the next step in their education or your child currently attends a different secondary school, you are welcome to call us to book a tour of the school.



Open Week 

Our Open Evening has now taken place and we’re pleased to offer the chance to visit Dowdales during our Open Week which runs from Monday 9th to Friday 13th October. 


We have 3 sessions available per day which can be booked by contacting the School office by phone or email. Please let us know which you wish to attend and we can then confirm your place. 


The sessions are:




Should you be interested in joining Dowdales Year 6 students apply for places via the local authority.

Further details can be found on our Admissions page.


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School Life

Here you will find essential day-to-day information including absence, parent/carer letters, term dates, clubs, lockers, lunch options and uniforms.

Academic Life

See what our students currently study in each subject from Year 7 to 11 as well as Careers and Post 16 provision, Inclusion and SEND .

Welcoming new students

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you and your child to Dowdales School, whether that be at the start of a new year, or during the academic year. We hope that you agree that Dowdales School is a fantastic place for your child to start the next chapter in their school life. We know that they will have an enjoyable, exciting and successful time here at Dowdales!


Starting secondary school, or locating to a new school, is a very exciting time, but it can also can be a little bit daunting for new students. Please don’t worry; we will be doing everything we can to make sure your child’s transition to Dowdales is as smooth as possible.


Below we have some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (designed for the transition from primary to secondary) to try to offer some reassurance before your child starts their journey with us.  


If you would like any further help or advice please get in touch by email. During the summer term for Year 6 students please use


For other year groups, please email

If your child is starting with us in September in Year 7 they will go to the school hall. There will be lots of staff and students on the school drive to help direct them. 

If they are join us during the academic year they will be given full instructions about who they will meet and where and when, please do not worry about this, we will make sure your child is met by a member of our senior team and a student from their form who will help guide them through their settling in period.

There are so many people that will help our new students at Dowdales.  Your child will have a Form Teacher who they will see twice a day every day.  Their job is to look after each member of their form, particularly new students.  They will help your child to learn all about Dowdales, help with organisation and help your child settle. Each year group has an Achievement Leader who looks after the whole of that particular year group. There are lots of people you child can talk to and who will help.  


Your child will also have lots of new teachers, each of them wanting and willing to help.  The school is also full of helpful students and any one of them would be happy to help.  Students in light blue ties are our Senior Students in Year 10 and 11 and one of their roles in school is to help new students.

Students will carry their school bag from lesson to lesson each day.  For September starters we will talk about lockers at the beginning of the school year.

We have lockers all around the school and students can hire one for their five years at Dowdales.

Students find this really useful to store their coat, PE kit and other items they don’t need to carry around all day.

We have lots of clubs and activities for students to take part in during lunchtime and after school including; Art, Book, Craft, Dance, Drama, English, Football, Geography, Gym, Code Club, Languages, Maths, Media, Music, Netball, Rugby, Science, Sport and Volleyball Club.

To view our clubs and activities click here

We have a School uniform list which includes compulsory and non-compulsory items.

Our list also features a list of local uniform suppliers.

To view our school uniform list click here


School organised transport is available from places such as Askam, Lindal and Kirkby.  The deadline for application is May. Applications can be made after May, but there may be a delay. 

For more information visit the School Transport page on Westmorland and Furness Council’s website – click here

Although we do have students from Barrow and Walney, these areas are not in our traditional catchment area, so the Local Authority does not provide transport. 

However, there are good public transport bus and train links for these areas to Dowdales.

To view the fares and bus deals visit Stagecoach – click here

For train fares and train deals visit Northern Rail – click here



At the end of Lesson 4 students go back to their Form Room to drop off their bag.

As a year group they head to their specified Dining Room where students queue for the food they would like on that day.

There will be a choice each day and there is no need to order, students can just chose what they fancy when they get to the Dining Room.

Students sit together as a Year Group then move together back to their area where they go into their Form Room, go to a club or play in our designated area.

At the end of lunch students collect thier bag and head to their next lesson. 

Students do not need to carry cash as we use a Cashless Catering system. You can add money to your childs account via ParentPay.

To view our menu click here  

We do not allow mobile phones at Dowdales. There are some exceptions and extenuating circumstances that means a student may need to bring their phone into school.  In those circumstances students will need to hand their phone into their Form Teacher in the phone box and we will look after their phone all day. If students ever need to contact home during the day we will help them do that in school, they will not need to use their mobile phone for this.

The simple answer is yes!  If your child is passionate about one of their lessons and would like to become an ambassador for that subject, as long as they meet the set criteria, they can be Subject Leader.


We would love for every student to strive and achieve this accolade in their first year with us. 

What do Year 7 say...

“If you think you’re not going to make new friends it's not true, I promise you will. Just say 'hello' to the others in your form and be yourself. You’ll slowly get to know everyone really well and in a few weeks time you will wonder why you were so worried.”
“Don’t be afraid to make new friends. I met what has turned out to be one of my best friends in the first week of senior school because we were playing in the same football team. Try lots of extra-curricular activities, even if you’re not sure you will like them. It’s good to have some non-academic things to help you relax. It helps to pack your school bag the night before so you’re organised. There’s nothing more stressful than getting to school knowing you’ve left your homework in your bedroom.”
“My advice to someone starting Year 7 is don’t think how scared you are of secondary school, think about how you can help other people who may be feeling scared. Try to be nice to everyone. Tell yourself it’s going to be a positive experience. Soon it will feel completely normal, like primary school was.”
“Get a locker! Then you won’t have to carry your PE kit around with you all day long as well as your bag – which is already heavy with your new school books!”
“Be yourself, in class go up to people on their own and ask them a question such as ‘what school are you from?’ Lots of kids have also lost friends so they will all be looking to make new ones. Also join the clubs offered, you will meet like minded people there. Try to learn a rough plan of the whole school early on. Subjects are usually in their own areas. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to talk to your form teacher. They want to help you be the best you can be.”
“You should definitely work out a routine to stay organised so that you can get on top of homework, have as little stress as possible and not do everything last minute. This will really help you to get the hang of Secondary School. Although you’ll be working hard, make sure that you have time to relax, have some down time and chill out. Stay confident on the inside and the outside and try not to worry about making friends, you’ll definitely find someone who is just as nice and you want to spend time with. Last but definitely not least, is to have loads of fun.”
“I wish I’d known, on the first day, that everything was going to be OK. It took me less than a week to settle in. I remember my teachers telling us not to be afraid to ask if we get stuck during a lesson. They said not to worry about doing that, because the work was new to us. I asked quite a lot of questions at first, and they helped me, and now I feel more confident. It’s good having multiple teachers teaching different subjects.”
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