Mrs Dove - Acting Academic Team Leader
Mr Tighe - Deputy Academic Team Leader
Miss Bowes   Mr Bowns   Miss Cook    Mr Hesketh
Miss Preston    Mrs Richardson   Mr Rushton
Miss Shepherd   Mr Waddington   Miss White
Technicians - Mrs Carter   Miss Downham   Mrs Leece

The main aim of the Science department is to ensure lessons drive a thirst for learning and enable students to develop transferable life-long skills.

Our team of specialist teachers deliver Biology, Chemistry and Physics in a wide range of theoretical and practical learning opportunities. We believe Science should generate and explore questions in an exciting and creative way.

Students develop their confidence in teamwork and problem solving skills by designing and carrying out investigations. They will work with data and Science in the media to explore key scientific concepts and consider how Science influences their lives and the local and global community.

Students are encouraged to challenge their ideas and the ideas of others in order to become citizens that can make sense of the Science that will impact on their lives in and beyond Dowdales. We are passionate about driving both the thinking and the practice behind our subject in diverse and engaging lessons.

If you would like further information about studying Science at Dowdales you can call us on 01229 469800 or email [email protected]

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