School Uniform

At Dowdales we want our students to take pride in their appearance. Here you will find a list of Dowdales uniform and standards of appearance expectations:

Compulsory Uniform

School Coat
Dowdales coat with Dowdales logo or own Black/Dark Navy. Coat with no trim. Black fleece may be worn under Dowdales coat

School Tie
Top button should be fastened and ties should be worn full length

School Shirt
White, long sleeved with Dowdales logo. White, short sleeved shirt with Dowdales logo may be worn during the summer term only

School Sweatshirt
Navy blue with Dowdales name

Girl’s school skirt
With school logo – must be worn knee length

Girl’s navy school trousers
With logo

Boy’s black school trousers
With logo

Navy blue or black

Sensible Shoes
Plain black and shoelaces must be tied

For health and safety reasons trainers, canvas shoes and pumps are not allowed and the shoe must cover the whole of the foot.


Red polo shirt
With Dowdales logo Compulsory

Black shorts
With logo Compulsory

Reversible rugby shirt
Compulsory for boys

Black PE sweatshirt
Compulsory for girls

PE socks
Compulsory – black with red top

Football boots - Must not be “blades” due to LA guidance
Non-marking trainers for indoor and outdoor use

Shin pads

Optional for boys and girls

Black tracksuit bottoms
With logo optional for boys and girls

Black PE skirt
With logo optional

Performing Arts Wear

Blue t-shirt
with Performing Arts logo compulsory
Black shorts
With logo compulsory
Black tracksuit bottoms
With logo Optional

School Bag

Rucksack-style bag to carry books and school equipment
Uniform items can be bought from Identity in Barrow.  The school does not hold supplies of uniform.  There is a small uniform outlet in Dalton which holds limited stock.

Lost Property

All items of uniform should clearly state your child's name, this will help us to return any lost items. We have two collection points for lost property, students services and PE. If your child has lost an item of uniform we would encourage them to retrace their steps and then to visit student services and PE. If you would like to report a lost item of clothing please call the school on 01229 469800. 

Standards of Personal Apperance

Hair - Girls

Should be traditional, conventional, of natural colour, neat and tidy and not follow extremes of fashion in terms of cut and length.  Long hair (below shoulder length) should be tied back when determined by a teacher for health and safety reasons

Hair - Boys

Should be traditional, of natural colour, neat and tidy and conventional in cut and length (above shoulder length). A number one or no-guard haircut is not permitted
Both boys and girls must maintain high standards of appearance. Hair must not obstruct the eyes or the face.
Students must be clean shaven
Students are not allowed to wear make-up or nail varnish
Hats, scarves and gloves must be of a dark colour and must not be worn within the school building.
Only one small, plain stud per ear, in gold or silver and a watch are allowed.  For safety reasons rings, necklaces, stretcher earrings or body/facial piercings of any description are not allowed