Rotary Textiles Competition


The Rotary Textiles Competition is always a big event in the Dowdales calendar.

Students attending Patch club start work on their entries for the competition as soon as the brief is given and work tirelessly to create and design their final piece.

The theme for the 2015-16 school year was ‘A gift to the world’ and students were asked to design and make a useful item for the bedroom of a baby or toddler.

Competition was tough in the school heat with a high standard of making being displayed.  After much deliberation Year 9 student Mia Luisi was chosen to be the Dowdales finalist. 

Mia attended the Cumbria final which was held at the Lakes School on Tuesday June 21st. 

A team of judges inspected the products and design portfolios before choosing the winner and runner up.

Mia was awarded second prize in the competition with her making skills and folder drawing lots of praise from the judges. Mia received a trophy, certificate and fabric bundle for her efforts.