Ms Scott  - Academic Team Leader
  Mrs Maud & Miss Edmondson - Deputy Academic Team Leader
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The Mathematics department is committed to developing students who are confident, resilient and successful mathematical thinkers able to transfer their skills across other subjects and into everyday life.  We want our students to enjoy and take pride in their achievements in mathematics.

The department consists of experienced teachers who share the privilege of supporting students learning in number, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability, knowing this will benefit them throughout their lives. Group work and reasoning together are key to developing mathematical fluency and problem solvers.

We believe it is vital that students can see how relevant our subject is in day-to-day life and where applicable will use problems set in a real life context. We also encourage students to recognise the beauty of pure mathematics.

Whatever heights our students go on to achieve we are confident that they will make use of the skills they develop in their Maths lessons.

The aims of the new national curriculum are for all students to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to be able to reason mathematically and to be able to solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems.

At Dowdales we are developing a mastery approach so that students have a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning. The mathematics ethos at Dowdales is to foster a ‘can do’ attitude, where with effort and resilience all students will achieve and enjoy mathematics. We believe that all students are capable of understanding and doing mathematics given sufficient time. This means we continue to review our curriculum so that students: explore concepts in detail; are able to use a variety of representations; can recall key facts and have sufficient depth of knowledge to reason and explain mathematical concepts and procedures. They have mastered the mathematics when they have the mathematical language to communicate their ideas and can apply these confidently to solve a variety of problems not only in maths lessons but in Science, Geography, ICT and other subjects.

Dowdales is excited to be part of a national project on teaching for mastery in secondary schools. We are collaborating with local primary and secondary schools to develop our Year 7 curriculum to integrate the development of fluency with the deepening of conceptual understanding, an approach called ‘intelligent practise’. Dowdales also leads on a national project on teaching challenging topics in the new GCSE so our teachers ensure that students are well prepared for the greater demands of the new course..  

If you would like further information about studying Mathematics at Dowdales you can call us on 01229 469800 or email [email protected]
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