Literacy at Dowdales

‘Literacy enables people to read their own world and to write their own history.’

Literacy can be seen as the key puzzle piece in the jigsaw of learning and with focus on this key area, students can reach their full potential. We have a range of ways we ensure that Literacy is embedded across our curriculum.

In the KS3 student planners, there are two pages which can be used in all lessons to prompt students to the key areas of literacy to focus on and help them to develop their longer pieces of writing. Students also are given purple proof-reading pens so they can check their work focusing on key spellings, punctuation and grammar in their writing across subjects. This is further enhanced with the literacy mark scheme which is used by all staff. We are also developing literacy boxes which contain all the key resources that teachers can use to develop writing and reading in their subject areas.

Dowdales is a reading school and we take every opportunity to enrich, encourage and support our Students’ reading. Students from Year 7 to 9 are given bookmarks where they can log their reading both at home and in school. Our top readers have been reading for over 292 hours so far this year! We also run a buddy reading scheme for students who may find reading more of a challenge and this is peer support where students read with other students once in a week.

Dowdales also takes World Book Day very seriously. Students and staff are encouraged to come in dressed as their favourite characters, we have shared reading of short stories during the day and a wide range of group and individual competitions take place to ensure that the day is given a high profile.