Inclusion is an important part of curriculum offer. It fits with the school ethos of being the best that you can be and that every child matters. At Dowdales we strive to ensure that every student can be supported to reach their potential and the Inclusion team has been put in place to add an extra tier of support for the students should they need it. Students during their school career may find themselves requiring an extra boost or help to access the curriculum and this is where inclusion can be a suitable option. Students can sometimes find it hard to access education for a variety of reasons and have barriers to their learning for them to be successful within the normal school timetable. This can be for a variety of reasons be it medical, attendance, struggling with literacy or numeracy or English as a foreign language to name but a few. Students therefore need the support to be in school and accessing a full timetable. Inclusion can offer one to one support and/or small group work to support students with their particular barrier to learning. For a period of time this can enable students to have some extra time to catch up and help them acquire the skills they need to be successful in all their lessons. Inclusion aims to get the students back on track and to be successful and achieve to be the best they can be.

There are two full time members of staff in Inclusion. There is also a range of staff that also teach in inclusion including senior staff, pastoral leads and the SENCO. The manager of inclusion will ensure that each student that goes into Inclusion receives the support package they require to improve. The manager therefore has a one to one session at the start of the process where they screen the student to find their barriers for learning. Each student will then be allocated periods within Inclusion to provide them with the correct support package to enable them to improve. The aim is eventually for the student to feel confident that they have the skills to be successful within the main body of the school. The students will be part of writing a My Support Plan (MSP) document where they work with a member of the inclusion team to work out what they need to be successful in lessons and to recognise in themselves how they need support. This is then shared with staff and becomes a working document so that staff and students can work together on building strategies that will enable the student to be more successful. These will also lead to trackable targets that the student needs to work towards that will then be reviewed regularly. Staff can communicate with the Inclusion team if there is a particular area that the student requires support with and they will then work on this with the student to enable them to improve and be more successful. 

Our Inclusion team comprises of:

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